Saturday, January 21, 2017

SECOND Trailer for "The END of FUN" is here!

HEY Friends, Family, Fans, and Fun-Killers! As promised (and just a week or two late...), I present the 2nd trailer for "The END of FUN". This is the first with dialog from the movie. There will probably be at least one more full trailer, as well as a few teasers still to come out. However, the main emphasis now is on getting the movie edited and ready for Film Festivals!

Hope you enjoy!

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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Director/Writer/Actor Robert Christopher Smith with Sublime version of "Trenchtown Rock"

Proving he is nearly impossible to embarrass, Robert Christopher Smith posted this video as a "XMas Gift" to his family and friends today. Please enjoy!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Julia Rosette ("Jade Silver") now has her own website as an Actress

Julia really hopes you will check out her website at and please share it with everyone you know. ESPECIALLY if they are interested in having her featured in a movie, TV or web program.

Click the link above OR the pic BELOW!

Back to Posting with Post-Production Update

The first trailer (which is music-only featuring "Fall In" by Cloud Nothings, has been available for about a month, but just in case you haven't seen it--

Hope you watch, enjoy and SHARE with others!

I will start posting here again more regularly and then we'll be back with a completely updated look and feel for the website when the new trailer is ready!
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Sunday, August 21, 2016

New Contributor for

Hey Fans, Friends, and Fun-Killers!

I will now be a Regular Contributor with the online Film Magazine,

The awesome and interesting news just continues to pile up around here. After starting this blog back in June, I have tried to remain very regular as far as the schedule I have kept. I wanted you to know that I was reliable with the MADNESS I was SPEWING. And that's the other thing, my madness in the form of rants and raves about not just making my movie, but movies in general has been consistent too.

As most of you who are friends on FB or followers on Twitter are all-too-aware, once something is written I push it in your face like there's no tomorrow, which in the form of persistence and tenacity is one more trait that editors find desirable, should they actually like your writing.

It turns out that those in charge at enjoy my mad rants and raves, and I in turn, really enjoy their magazine. The look, feel, and most importantly the APPROACH really APPEAL to me. Instead of just one more EW knockoff out there barely grazing the surface of the movie-making world, these guys work to dig deep.

CLICK on any of the links in the story--OR JUST CLICK THIS PIC-- and you will be taken directly to this awesome site and film magazine!

Articles in the magazine examine everything from the process to the ethos and morality of what is put on the screen in modern and past cinema, as well as purely on theory of movie-making on a nearly infinite number of levels. I am very interested in continuing to explore and reveal the REAL PROCESS we are going through as we produce "The END of FUN".

My posts for them, over there, will continue this exact same process of discussing the mechanics along with the theory and influences that drive my decisions. However, now that I know I am reaching a wider and more focused audience, the posts I write for them will likewise be more focused, and probably meander less (OK, stop clapping-- I can hear that all the way over here in Clairemont!)...

I plan to write one very short and basic post to begin, and just introduce myself and catch people up with where we are currently. That will be followed by an in-depth interview with rising star Julia Rosette who plays "Jade Silver" in "The END of FUN".  After our first table read in early September, I will also interview multi-talented Tara Tosten, who plays "Kari K".

My goal is that everyone involved should benefit. FilmInquiry and their audience will benefit by meeting these amazing actors while still on their way up. The actors benefit by getting on the radar of this publication, along with their readers, and just increasing their exposure overall. "The END of FUN", and I as its creator, benefit on all those same levels.

Our deal is that I must publish TWO of my posts, minimum, per month (more if I like-- and I usually write 2-3 per WEEK here! lol) through them FIRST. Following that, I can post back here as well, and of course link back to them there. And then I will be shoving even MORE in your faces on Social Media, as I spread the word for ME, TEOF, and!

By the way-- just a little tease.... Keep checking back here for AN ALL NEW LOOK and FEEL VERY SOON!!!

P.S. DON'T FORGET: Our fundraising is underway NOW! Please visit right now and pledge just a small donation! GRAB ONE of our EARLY BIRD SPECIALS!!! The Girls' Tanks look awesome!

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Friday, August 19, 2016

Public Display of Affection (PDA) for our Supporters at Kickstarter!

We have OVER 20 different REWARD levels at out Kickstarter which is easily found at EVERYONE who pledges to donate $5.00 or more receives a PUBLIC DISPLAY of AFFECTION (PDA) from our whole cast and crew at "The END of FUN"!

We start by giving them an immediate SHOUT-OUT on all of our Social Media (Please like our Movie Page at or follow us on Twitter at and thanking you through Kickstarter as well. Then, finally we will keep this list as an ongoing DIGITAL MONUMENT to all you KickASS supporters who helped us Kickstart this movie!

Look below for the list!


Listed in order of donation

  1. Nils Bruewer
  2. Caroline Carver
  3. Rodrigo Vieira
  4. Steven Ciceron
  5. Eric Peake
  6. Jack Turner
  7. George Wilson
  8. Scott Casey
  9. Dan Koven

At least ONE of those folks also qualified for ASSOCIATE PRODUCER LEVEL! A later post this weekend will begin that list!

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Press Release: Crowdfunding for Karaoke Noir Thriller "The END of FUN" begins at

**This is the press release that I wrote... and sent out yesterday (8/15/16) to every TV channel, Newspaper, Magazine, major blog etc in SD...

Robert Christopher Smith          Independent Filmmaker
(714) 579-5157      (Blog)           (Kickstarter Page)


World’s First “Karaoke  Noir” Movie Launches Crowdfunding Campaign at

Robert Christopher Smith and a cast of over 30 (counting Background Actors) are scheduled to shoot “The END of FUN”, which is the world’s first ever Karaoke-Noir movie beginning on September 24, 2016 and wrapping about two weeks later in early October. The movie slams a Romantic Comedy into a Hardcore Crime Thriller as no other movie has before, and will be shot entirely on location in San Diego, California, with the bulk of the movie taking place at and being shot at local karaoke bar “The Carriage House” at 7945 Balboa Avenue, SD, CA 92111. Because this is a 100% Independent Feature, the movie is being funded entirely through a campaign recently launched on KickStarter and easily found at . People wearing #KaraokeNoir T-Shirts will be popping up all over San Diego to remind everyone that this crowdfunding effort is underway.

Please contact the screenwriter/director who is also starring in the lead male role of “Johnny Jones”, Robert Christopher Smith, directly by cell at 714-579-5157 or the email for the movie at For more background information, please visit the blog which is regularly updated at or

The plan for this movie is for it to be submitted to film festivals upon its completion, with “South by SouthWest (SXSW)” being the first target, directly followed by Sundance and then a variety of smaller festivals all over the West Coast, and possibly around the world. The movie stars Robert Christopher Smith, the writer and director as “Johnny Jones”, Julia Rosette as “Jade Silver”, Tara Tosten as “Kari K”, Rodrigo Moreira da Rocha as “Scab”, and Julia Bodey as “Cammy”. Finally, the movie will feature the American Debut of Kayky Brito, a Brazilian Actor with 17 years of experience in TV and Movies in his home country.

The Casting Director for “The END of FUN” connected with Kayky early during the audition process, and although it required a lot of work since he has been busy in a play and with promotional work now that the Olympic games are going on down in Rio, finally did have several productive conversations that resulted in Kayky’s playing a featured role of a character named “Dollar”. Brito is already popular all over Brazil (as is his sister, Sthefany Brito), and there is a lot of interest in seeing him break through in American Cinema. Both he, and the whole team behind “The END of FUN” are excited about his participation and the mutual benefits resulting from the collaboration.

Robert Christopher Smith (Writer/Director/Lead Actor)
“The END of FUN”
714-579-5157 (Call/Text)